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Frequently Asked Questions
Often times you have questions about the electrical estimation process. Below you'll find a few of the most common questions we receive when looking for an electrical estimator for hire.
What are the benefits of hiring Rate Electrical?
Pay for us when you need us. Eliminate the need of having a full-time estimator on staff. No expensive estimating software packages to buy. Fill-in estimator when you don't have time to bid a job.
How Does Rate Electrical charge for estimate?
After reviewing the documents (plans, addenda, specifications, etc.) associated with the project we will email you a quote for the cost to perform the estimate. Contact us for a free quote.
What is your turnaround time for an estimate?
It depends on the size and scope of the job. On most projects we try to have the estimate done 1-2 days before the bid date so you have time to review the bid to make adjustments or ask any questions you may have.
What payment methods do you accept?
Credit Card and PayPal.
How do you handle material pricing?
Material pricing is handled via a third-party pricing service. We perform pricing updates frequently for miscellaneous/commodity items.
Who do you provide estimating services for?
We provide our services to a variety of companies; some require budgets during the design phase and others require detailed take-offs to submit for bid.

*General Contractors
Do you bid the job for me, or do I have to bid it myself?
You will be provided with all the information needed to bid the job. We'll provide you with cost codes that show material and labor, add in your quoted items, overhead, profit, labor rates and direct job costs. If you're unsure about things such as overhead, profit, labor rates, and direct/indirect job costs we can help you figure those out.
Do you estimate the same job for multiple contractors?
Never. Not under any circumstances.
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